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How to get Refund From Cancelled IRCTC e-ticket

If this is the case then there is no chance of cancellation facility for the RAC ticket or the waiting ticket for the station that originates from the trip to night centers passing between 10 am 9.00 and 6.00. (Real output), refundable The fee will be allowed at the station the first two hours after the opening of the reserve office

Ticket Booking/cancellation Hours: 00.20 HRS to 23.45 HRS

Refund Rules:- (i-ticket & e-tickets)

Reservation Failed Transaction:- (i-ticket & e-tickets)

Ticket reserved for special special trains 1. Cancellation of CNF / RAC ticket reserved for special Premium trains is not permitted. However, the ticket can only be canceled if the train is canceled. The reimbursement will be provided by the PRS system in accordance with applicable rules for railway subsidies.


  1. E-Ticket can be canceled online to make the route, and the PRS system will provide the reimbursement in accordance with applicable rail subsidy rules.
  2.  After drawing up graphics, the user must load TDR online to claim a refund. The reimbursement case is resolved by the railways. The same user can send the TDR that the ticket is reserved. Once received the amount of Railway rebate, it will be paid in the same account through which the reservation has been made through the selected payment gateway.
  3. No refund is granted to the partially confirmed E-Ticket that none of the passengers has traveled if TDR is presented after 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the train.
  4. No refund is granted to a partial RAC / TICKET WAITLISTED without which no passenger has traveled if TDR is presented after 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.
  5.  No refund is granted if the train takes more than three hours late if TDR is full for this reason after the actual departure.
  6.  In the case of an electronic ticket or e-ticket issued for travel with more than one passenger, some passengers have confirmed the reservation and others are on the waiting list or waiting list list In the case of passengers or RAC or waiting for a list that does not traveling, a ticket will be obtained for the ticketing staff for this purpose, and the reimbursement amount will be processed online via TDR, which will indicate the details of the certificate issued. and the original certificate issued by the ticketing staff must be sent by Mail to Director General of the Group / IT Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd., Internet Ticket Center, IRCA Building, State Access Road, New Delhi – 110055.
  7.  The cases where TDRs are presented are decided by Zonal Railway under the jurisdiction of the train destination. Once the rail refund is received, the refund amount will be refunded to the same account through which the payment was made through an optional payment gateway.
  8.  If the client cannot cancel via the web interface before preparing the graph, customers are asked to send an email from etickets@irctc.co.in email from their email identifier registered with IRCTC.

If the amount deducted from the customer’s account and the issued issuance is not issued, IRCTC will refund the FISCAL and IRCTC service fees electronically (as credit to the corresponding credit or debit card account used for the transaction), but likely the bank’s transaction fees will be lost.

How to get Refund From Cancelled IRCTC e-ticket
How to get Refund From Cancelled IRCTC e-ticket

The IRCTC Payment Reconciliation Group works with a 24×7 basis, IRCTC login offers no guarantee of the accuracy or timeliness of the discounts that come to client cards / bank accounts. This is due to the diversity of organizations that interfere with the processing of online transactions, the problems with the current Internet infrastructure and working days and holidays in financial institutions.

How to get Refund From cancelled IRCTC e-ticket

Canceling Tickets from Indian Railways: Have you ever canceled your latest IRCTC electronic e-ticket because of the last minute emergence? Have you received a refund? If you are not familiar with the Indian Railways cancellation and repayment rules, it may be a loss in the future as you cancel a reserved ticket.

Interestingly, the Ministry of Railways, led by Piyush Goyal, recently published a video to raise awareness among citizens and informed about the rules on cancellation and reimbursement of Indian railways and how to avoid the monetary loss of cancellation of tickets. Look at the refund criteria to cancel your tickets:

Cancelled your IRCTC e-ticket? Know these Indian Railways refund rules to avoid loss

  • When canceling the first class AC / Executive tickets, the Rs 240 will be deducted
  • In case of cancellation of 2 AC / first class tickets, Rs 200 will be discounted
  • In case of cancellation of 3 cars AC / AC Car / 3 AC Class of economic tickets, the Rs 180 will be discounted
  • If you cancel Second Sleeper class tickets, the Rs 120 will be discounted
  • If you cancel the second class tickets, the 60 euros will be discounted
  • Cancellation of tickets: 48 to 12 hours before the scheduled departure of the train
  • If canceled tickets are canceled, 25% of the reservation amount will be deducted
  • Cancellation of tickets: from 12 to 6 hours before the scheduled departure of the train
  • If canceled tickets are canceled, 50% of the reservation will be deducted
  • Cancellation of tickets Tatkal

Upon cancellation of reserved tickets at the tatkalk quota, no refund will be given by the railway. However, if the train is delayed 3 or more hours, passengers can claim return by submitting TDR (receipt of deposit of tickets).

To register the TDR, follow these steps:

Log in to the official IRCTC website

Go to “my transaction” in “my account”

Select “TDR File”

By clicking on this option, you will be prompted for the reason for canceling the entry

After giving your reason, click the ‘TDR file’ button

In the meantime, it should be noted that if the ticket is booked through the railway consultant, the passenger may claim the refund by presenting a TDR form that provides the PNR number along with other necessary information about the passenger.

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