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Faq’s on Kotak 811 Mobile banking app

How do I get the Kotak Mobile Banking App?


You can download the Kotak Mobile Banking App from app.kotak.com or go to the app store on your device (Apple App Store / Google Play Store / Blackberry World / Windows Store). You can also SMS Mobile to + 91 9971056767 / 5676788 to receive a link of the app on your registered mobile number.

What type of handset do I need to use the Kotak Mobile Banking App?

Kotak Mobile Banking App is supported on GSM / CDMA phones. The app is available in iOS (version 4.3 onwards), Android (version 2.2.3 onwards), Windows (version 8.0 onwards) and Blackberry (version 5.0 onwards) operating systems. You need to have access to internet to use the app.

Can I access Kotak Mobile Banking if I have not registered for Net Banking?

Yes. Mobile Banking access is not related to Net Banking. You can register for Mobile Banking using your active Credit or Debit Card details.

What precautions do I need to take while using Mobile Banking?

Following are the precaution that neess to be taken:

Memorize your MPIN and do not write it anywhere. Please don’t disclose your MPIN to anyone, including Kotak Mahindra Bank staff
Change your MPIN at regular intervals
Do not use obvious numbers like date of birth, mobile or landline number, etc. as MPIN

Will I be charged for using the app?

Mobile Banking app is absolutely free. There are no charges levied by the bank. However standard internet usage charges are applicable as levied by your service providers.

Can I track the accounts of my family members from one device?

Yes. You can register the accounts of your family members on one device. You can add upto 10 CRNs on a single device.

What is a primary CRN?

The administrator of the Mobile Banking app in a device is termed as “Primary CRN”. By default, the first CRN (Customer Relationship Number) added on the device will become the primary CRN. You can change the admin (primary CRN) in Settings.

Please note: Push Notifications and the ability to view My Kotak without logging in is available only for Primary CRN.

How do I add a CRN to the device?
Click on “Add CRN” button available on the login page or use the “More” menu.

How do I delete a CRN from the device?

Go to Settings > Manage Profile > What’s next step and delete the CRN. While a primary CRN can delete any of the profiles, individual CRNs also have an option to delete their own profiles.

How do I change the Primary CRN?
Only the primary CRN has the right to change this. Go to Settings > Manage Profile > What’s next step to change the Primary CRN. The MPIN of the CRN which is being changed to Primary CRN will also be required to complete this change.

When my CRN gets locked, what should I do?
Your CRN gets locked when you enter wrong MPIN 3 times consecutively. To unlock, use Forgot MPIN option in the More Menu. Alternately, the CRN will get unlocked automatically after 12 hours.

If I forget my MPIN, what do I do?
You can use the “Forgot MPIN” option in the More Menu to generate a new MPIN. You have to reset your MPIN using your Net Banking password or Debit / Credit Card details.

If I change my handset will I be able to access Kotak Mobile Banking App again?
Yes, in case you change your handset, you will have to install the Kotak Mobile Banking App on your new handset and register the app in the device. Once registered, you can access your accounts from the new handset. You can access your accounts from multiple handsets and tablets using the same CRN and MPIN.

Who can use Kotak Mobile Banking?
Kotak Mobile Banking is offered to the customers who either have a bank account or any other banking relationship. Customers having a Current / Savings Account, a Term Deposit or a Credit Card with access to Active Net Banking or having an Active Debit / Credit Card are eligible to be registered for Mobile Banking.

The access and transaction rights are as given below:

Account Categories and Relationship Access
Individual Accounts
Sole Ownership Account View and Transact
Joint Account – Single Operating Mode View and Transact
Joint Account – Joint Operating Mode View
Minor Account – Minor No access
Minor Account – Guardian View and Transact
Power of Attorney View and Transact
Non-Individual Accounts*
Authorised Signatories – Single operating mode** View and Transact
Authorised Signatories – Conditional operating Mode View
* Company, Society, Trust, Association, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, HUF
** Karta of an HUF and sole proprietor will get ‘View’ and ‘Transact’ access.

How do I customise the My Kotak home page in the Kotak Mobile Banking App?
You can customise your Home Page to view the information of your choice from a list of widgets. You have the option to view selected account related information without logging in by setting MPIN off. The personalization option is available for Android, Blackberry 10, iOS and Windows.

Note: We have rationalized the list of widgets in order to improve the app performance.

How can I view my account balance without logging in?
Go to Settings > Edit My Kotak and switch MPIN off for Account Overview. You can set MPIN off for a host of account related details and view them when you launch the app without logging in.

Only the primary CRN of the device can access this feature. This feature is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry 10 devices.


If you have any questions on Kotak 811 mobile banking app Pls feel free to comment on below.

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