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Kotak Mahindra Bank zero Bal. 811 A/C | Banking on WhatsApp @kotak.com

Kotak Says: Dear customer, we have updated Kotak Mobile Banking App for iPhone and Android with a mandatory update for security reasons. Please update immediately. Kotak Mobile Banking app will not work on older versions and if you open an old version, you would see a message: “Seems like your network connection is not secure.


Please uninstall any third party applications which compromise security and try using Kotak Mobile Banking App again”

Make an immediate * bank account online and enjoy unlimited benefits. * 6% per year. The interest rate applies only to KYC clients. Apply T & C. Get a virtual payment card. Get up to 6% * Interests per year

Kotak Banking on WhatsApp

Bank account related services
now on Whatsapp

To get started, give a missed call on 9718566655

If you are on mobile, click here to get started


We’d like to be your WhatsApp friend!

Kotak Mahindra Bank zero Bal. 811 A/C on Whatsapp

Kotak Mahindra Bank is always looking for ways to make your banking simpler and more convenient. We have introduced WhatsApp Banking to help you receive updates or avail services via the WhatsApp messaging platform.

kotak 811 banking on whatsapp
kotak 811 banking on whatsapp

Kotak Banking on whatsapp. No Need to Worry for Min. Balance With Kotak Zero Balance Account. Open an 811 Bank Account & Enjoy Unlimited Benefits. Credit Card and Credit Card Services visit online www.kotak.com

How it works:

1. Sign up for a number by giving a missed to 9718566655 from a registered mobile phone number.
If you are a mobile, click here to get started.
2. Add mobile contacts to “022 6600 6022”
3. Go to WhatsApp, find a contact person, and send “help” as a message to find a list of available services.
4. Simply enter a service number, such as “1”, and follow the instructions on the screen.
Change your mind? No issues! You can unsubscribe at any time by saying “Stop”

Kotak Mahindra Bank chooses its channels carefully to ensure safety and security of its customers. To know more, visit www.kotak.com/privacy for our privacy policy. WhatsApp messages are secured with end-to-end encryption. To know more, visit www.whatsapp.com/legal/#privacy-policy. The WhatsApp channel will direct customers seeking information on the following service requests to Kotak website.

Here an easy steps to Create Kotak 811 Account zero bal

*By registering through missed call, you provide us consent to send important information and service updates to you on WhatsApp. Don’t worry. We won’t spam you.


Sr. No. Services
1 Account balance
2 Last 3 transactions
3 Statement Request
4 Cheque Status
5 Know your Customer Relationship Number (CRN)
6 New Cheque Book Request
7 Nearest ATM
8 Nearest Branch
9 Credit card application status
10 List of services
11 PAN Updation
12 Aadhaar Number Updation
13 Mobile Number Updation
14 Email ID Updation
15 Activation / Deactivation of Passbook
16 FATCA Declaration (Compulsory for bank account opening)
17 NACH Cancellation to cancel auto debit from your bank account
18 Modification of Home Branch
19 Deregistration of Printed Statement
20 Account Upgradation
21 Set MPIN for 811
22 Complete 811 Full KYC
23 Fund 811 Account

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