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[Aadhaar-UIDAI] Introduce Virtual ID For Original Aadhaar Number

  • Govt Plans to Introduce Virtual ID No. In place of Original Aadhaar Number
  • From Know On-words Our Aadhaar No. as two-way security
  • Virtual ID Number makes more safe and Security says govt

UIDAI, the authority that cares for the aadhaar program, is reported to have announced the creation of a new virtual identification system to be built at the top of the worship. This Virtual ID will be used to authenticate Aadhaar users through a new authentication method that UIDAI is calling Limited KYC.


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Aadhaar Uidai introduce virtual id for security issue

In a double move to address privacy and security concerns over the division of Aadhaar details, India’s Unified Identification Authority (UIDAI) has introduced Virtual ID and KYC for Aadhaar number holders.

aadhaar uidai 2 introduce virtual id for security issue
aadhaar uidai 2 introduce virtual id for security issue

The virtual ID for a worshiper can be used instead of his aadhaar number to avoid the sharing of aadhaar number at the time of legalization, a circular issued by UIDAI on Wednesday said. KYC’s limited service will eliminate the need for agencies to protect Aadhaar’s numbers.

The move comes a few days after a news report in The Tribune claimed a major offense in the aadhaar database through a ruthless operation. There are more than 1.19 billion aadhaar card holders.


According to the UIDAI circular, the virtual ID will be a random, 16-digit, 16-digit number, mapped by the number of Aadhaar. It will not be possible to extract the number of Aadhaar from the virtual ID.

Aadhaar number is the permanent ID for life, there is a need to provide a mechanism to ensure continued use by the holder of the Aadhaar number, optimally protecting the collection and preservation of the Aadhaar number in many databases” , said the circular.

In response to KYC’s authentication and limited demand, UIDAI will issue a unique UID sign. This mark will remain the same for a countdown number for all authentication requests from that particular entity.

UIDAI will release the Application Programming Interface (API) until March 1, and all agencies are geared to make the necessary changes to the use of virtual ID, UID and limited KYC to start using the new system until June 1st. Those who fail to do so may face termination of legalized services and the imposition of financial barriers, the circular added.

But the Aadhaar virtual ID announcement hints that something was broken earlier than UIDAI is now trying to fix. Although if the recent initiative by UIDAI regulates aadhaar problems or not is something that will only be clear when more details of Aadhaar’s virtual ID are revealed.


Uidai Updated news: There are some details now, though they come courtesy of the Economic Times website and still have to be officially confirmed by UIDAI or any other government agency. The report says that the Virtual Badge ID will have 16 digits and that this will be the only information that any agency or entity that authenticates will have. The idea is to minimize the division of Aadhaar’s actual number or demographic information. However, questions remain about how KYC’s Limited will work and how the Aadhaar’s virtual IDs will be generated. It may be in the coming days UIDAI will share more information.

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